When You Nail the Aloo Parantha


“Always listen to your mom”, a voice in my head said. “Eee parota yella kasta ma.” she had warned me. The inner housewife in me in a different voice said, “Look at the atta left over from last night, look at the potatoes which are almost sprouting. Do you want them to become plants like the previous time?” Finally, in a completely different voice, I said, “Let’s risk it.”

My adventure began an hour after I got up that day. That was around 8.30 AM. I removed the atta sitting in the fridge from the previous night. When will I learn to make atta sufficient only for 5 chapatis?, I wondered. And thankfully realized, it would be easier if I pressure cooked the potatoes and also halved them.

Also, I got completely carried away. I remembered watching a video, an aunty rolled the chappatis first and then kept the filling in between two of them. My mom always kept the filling inside one slightly rolled chapati, folded it and then rolled the parantha. Since I had already decided that day was no mummy day, I went  with the strange aunty from the video.

After battling with my extremely poor math skills, I decided husband would eat two of them and I would eat one. So that would require 6 rolled out chapatis. I set out to roll them all and made wonderfully thin six medium sized chapatis. This took about half an hour. By that time, the cooker whistled and cooled down.

I removed the lid and instantly put my hand in to remove the potatoes and de skin them. Damn, this always happens, I thought as my hand burned a little. I poured the hot water in the sink and replaced it with cold water. Mashed the potatoes, put chilly powder, danya powder, salt, garam masala, and chopped coriander. Was tempted to put chopped onions, like I always am no matter what I prepare. Decided to go against it.

“Eee parota yella kasta ma.” , this time, it was an image of my mother flashing in front of me. I realized, when I put my super soft stuffing in between super soft rolled chapatis and  rolled it, 30 seconds later, I couldn’t make out where the atta or the stuffing was.

Epic Fail. Aunty, what were you teaching and how come your parota was perfect? Did you  edit the video? This was what I would eat, I decided. I neatly made the remaining four chapatis into two balls. And did it the mummy way. Except I put a lot of stuffing. A lot. It turned out pretty well. All though, it took an extra half hour to re do the paratas. And as usual, instead of saving time and energy, I wasted them effectively.

Still, it was all worth it. Husband’s verdict “Hmmm, Yummy.”

A little later, I kept wondering why the vessels were warm and why it felt so good to wash utensils in warm water. Before my mind went from an unknown person pouring hot water into the sink to an underwater sink explosion, I realized it was the potato water. A thrilling end to another misadventure in the kitchen.

Points to Remember :

1. Pressure cook the potatoes.

2. Use snauff in the stuffing next time.

3. Figure out the rolled out chapati mystery.

4. Butter and parantha taste very good.

5. Always listen to mom.





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