Dosa Version 1.0 – A frustrated Housewife’s Guide to Making Crispy Dosas

Frustration and housewives are inseparable so much so that I think the phrase frustrated housewife should be an oxymoron. It’s like saying reply back. But, stress no more. I am here to lessen one of your burdens. This is a one of a kind guide to making crispy dosas. Note that the operative word is crispy.


Algorithm for Mental Prerequisites or Planning

Step 1: Make sure your husband likes crispy dosas.

Step 2: Make sure everyone in your mother’s house don’t like crispy dosas. Yes, these two confusing steps aren’t really necessary but act as a catalyst in your learning process. A husband who loves crispy dosas is your motivation and people who don’t like crispy dosas are ones whom you will try your dosas on initially. If you can convince them to like your dosas, how hard it is to convince a person who already likes crispy dosas? If you already have too much of complicated shit going on your life, feel free to skip.

Step 3: Be prepared to eat the non crispy.

Step 4: If you are into healthy cooking and eating, forget about the crispy dosas altogether. But still read this piece.

The batter function



Cup small; //depends on how many dosas you want to make. I would //suggest to try with a small one first.

Fist your fist;

Rice 2 cups;

Urad dhaal ( uddina bele) 3⁄4 cup;

Avallaki 1 fistful; // optional

Soak the rice and urad dhaal in more than sufficient water for 5­-6 hours. The best time is to soak in the afternoon and grind the contents with a bit of the water in the night. You need to let the batter sit overnight for the fermentation process to take place.When you are ready to make dosas, add a bit of salt.


The Alternate Batter Function



Money 100 Rs; Go to a store and which sells pre made dosa batter. Buy it. Come home and transfer the contents into a bowl. Add in a bit of salt when you want to make dosas.


The Pour Function

After the batter, this is probably the most important step ­ the pouring of the batter. This requires a lot of practice to nail it.



The pan must be fairly hot. So put it on the stove first.

Cut an onion in half and pierce a fork in one of the halves. S

tir the batter in a circular fashion with the ladle fiercely for added visual effects.

If you want more effects, pour the batter into the bowl 2-­3 times and continue with the circular motion thingy.

By this time, the pan would be hot. Take the onion with the fork and swipe it all around the pan.

Take a ladleful of batter and take a deep breath. Because you need to be lightening quick now. Pour the batter in the middle of the pan and spread an even thin layer around the pan.

Start to thin it out from the middle and make sure there are few empty spots at the far end of the dosa. This takes a lot of practice. Now put three spoons of oil all around the dosa. Now with a spatula gently start taking out the sides of the dosa. If your batter is good and your pan is hot enough, you won’t have any problem with this step. But, be prepared to screw a few initial ones.

Turn the dosa around and wait for 60 seconds. Yes, I have counted.

Turn the dosa again and wait for 30 seconds.

Transfer the prepared dosa on to a plate.


The Crispy Dosa function

#include < one cup of oil>

#include <patience>







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