Aunti Review – Ye Hai Mohabbatein

If you are a woman and you are married ( and if you are a housewife), you love watching TV and more specifically serials. It’s a direct assumption people make which is as true as fat people being lazy slobs and eating being the only thing they do. I have decided to come up with a(u)nti – reviews of TV shows I watch sometimes. When I  have no choice or say or when I am utterly jobless, I tend to watch a bit of TV,  like when my father has the remote and the control. I am starting with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, a very popular serial aired on Star Plus almost everyday. I think they will soon be Mon-Sun type of show. Good luck with that, husbands!

  1. The Guessing Game where everyone scores

If you have never seen the show before, here is a little game for you. The female lead of the show, Ishitha, belongs to a South Indian family. Guess from which part of India is she from?

Ayyo, so simple. Madras.

What language do they speak or pretend to know?

Duh? Tamil.

What does Ishita’s mom wear most of the time?

Saree and fake jasmine flowers, of course.


Lungi and Vibhuthi?

What do they eat for breakfast?

Now, you are crossing the line with these obvious questions. Idli and sambhar ya!

Now, our hero is from a North Indian family. Guess, Guess, Guess?

Punjabis Check

Loud mother in law Check

Paranthas for breakfast Check

Obvious Stereotyping Check Check Check

Aunti’s Burning Question No.1

Why is that only the Madrasi parents speak in a weird South Indian accent? And all the other people in the Madrasi family speak shudh Hindi? Why this selective stereotyping?

  1. Ishita Bhalla, The Wonder Woman

Ishita Bhalla, married to Raman Bhalla, is a dentist who goes to her clinic when the writers are coming up with a problem for her to solve with her magical powers. She not only is the first person in the house, which by the way, consists of at least 5 other people, to identify, analyse the problem using her CID influenced brain, and face a problem but she is also the only person in the entire serial to solve the problem.

And by problems, I don’t mean, we have run out of atta or chawal, or someone stole our jewelry or other mundane boring problems us normal people have. The Bhalla family is a magnet which attracts problems that us mortals can only have nightmares of.

So, Madam Ishita Bhalla finds herself in the center of every situation in the Bhalla household. Not only that, she can handle all this because she is equipped with superpowers. For example, she can ride a Speed inspired bus ( the movie Speed, where all the passengers are in danger and the bomb would explode if it exceeds a certain speed) get everyone to safety and also jump out just when the clock hits 0.00. I can’t even hold the steering.

Hey, when Hollywood does it, it’s cool? But when our desi wonder woman does it, it’s uncool? No, I am mentioning this because instead of feeling sorry for the family I was LOLing at the bad acting, editing, graphics, and the very unstable timer on the bus.

2a. The driver whose nostrils everyone saw.

More on the speed sequence because that’s what inspired me to write this. So the driver of the bus is taking revenge on Ashok Khanna. Specifically, he wants to kill Aditya Bhalla ( Raman’s son from his first marriage.) Our revenge ka pyaasa driver faintly remembers seeing Aditya in Ashok’s house and assumes he is attached to the kid. But does not even for a moment think, what the kid is doing in the Bhalla family?

Our driver who knows how to get access to a kind of advanced bomb with a timer on, and which will explode when it crosses the speed of 60 km/hr. But he doesn’t do his research on the person he wants to take revenge on? What a sad day for Google!

2b. Other small things Ishita can do

She can barge into any office/ classroom/court/police station  and interrupt any confidential meeting. No ID/security checks required. She probably wears the invisibility cloak when the security stops her.

Having zero experience in managing a office/factory, she can convince people in the Government to giver her the order and she can complete it.

She can be the perfect match maker. If there are problems later, hey, that’s your problem!

She knows people in the education industry too.

She slaps the baddies as an answer to some previous issue unnecessarily and invites trouble. What ever happened to kicchad pe pattar na phenko logic.

She sets up camera in her son’s room to keep a watch on him.

And of course, she cooks well too. (Damn!)

Aunti’s Burning Question no.2

How can a normal human being attain such superpowers?  How can I become a lady Rajnikanth?

  1. Raman Bhalla, the Impregnator.

Before that, a bit of updated biology.

Normal men have sperms. Serial men have super sperms. One episode with them, the next episode you are pregnant. Ishita, for the entire serial couldn’t conceive. Five minutes of the episode with Raman, who also already has two kids, boom, she is pregnant. And now, Shagun is pregnant too.

3a. The CEO Syndrome.

Normal CEOs go to office, take decisions, work have a busy life and all that jazz. Serial CEOs are at home 90 percent of the time. They go to office when they are not required in the serial. We have no idea as to what the company does or is doing. And strangely enough, serial CEOs still have to deal with green, red, and yellow files with paper.

Aunti’s Burning Question No. 3

Why does our serial CEO have to still deal with paper files? Why can’t they store their content on a computer ?( the device they pretend to use in scenes when the screen is clearly off)

  1. The Curious Case of the Convenient Missing People

Everything in the serial happens according the cast’s convenience, especially the kids who appear out of nowhere in a particular sequence of events. People go on summer camps, vacations, onsite opportunities. You name the reason people take leaves from office, you got it on the serial.

Aunti’s Final Burning Question

How jobless can I be for penning this almost nonsensical review?

Answer : Very.


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