Decoded: Filter Coffee

A lot of marriages start with a tray of filter coffee. The only time a guy gets to check the girl out is when she comes to serve coffee. And every home has its own version. If you want to make filter coffee, this probably will help you.

You will need:

A Coffee Filter (A French Press would also do)

Coffee Powder




Stage 1 : Understanding the Coffee Filter


Stage 2: Making Decoction

Step 1: Boil some water.

Step 2: In the upper tumbler of the filter, put four heaped spoons of coffee powder. Put the filter inside filter on the coffee powder.

Step 3: Put one more spoon of coffee powder above the filter inside the filter. (This should about 1/4th of the tumbler) Yeah, just like Hamlet – play inside a play – filter inside a filter. That was just to show that I read stuff. Actually, I don’t really know what that thing is called.

Note: Step 2 and 3 can be done while Step 1 is in progress.

Step 4: Pour the boiling water (preferably water which has just started to bubble) and fill it to about 3/4th of the tumbler.

Step 5: Close the lid and wait till the filter cools down.

Note: Never try to make coffee while the filter is still hot, unless you are me.

Stage 3: Making Coffee


Step 1: If you are inexperienced, this tip is for you – fill 1/4th of your coffee cup/mug with decoction.

Step 2: Now fill the remaining with milk. (This way you will not make extra coffee. Can be tedious if making for a lot of people but a good thing to follow for making for one or two cups)

The color when mixed with milk will give you a good indication of whether the coffee will be strong or light. With practice, you will exactly know how much of milk and decoction is needed. ¼-3/4 is a good way to start.

Step 3: Pour this in a vessel, put sugar (I put around 8 grams for a small cup) and turn on the heat.

Step 4: Pour the coffee into a cup.


Stage 4: Customizing Coffee

My mother makes the best filter coffee. That is what my brother and I say to everyone who comes home. And she taught me this 1/4- 3/4 rule. (while making decoction and coffee) It is simple and works for most store bought coffee powders. The coffee will not be too strong or too mild. It will be just right.

If you like your coffee to be very strong, try half decoction half milk.

It will take a bit of practice to get a decoction that suits your needs.

If you feel, your coffee decoction is too light, you need to make a few adjustments.

  • Add one or two more spoons of coffee powder while making the decoction.
  • If that doesn’t work, to the increased amount of coffee powder, add less water.

If you still feel, your coffee is not strong enough, or you are missing that filter coffee taste, it’s probably time to change your coffee powder or write a blog post about how a blog post ruined your coffee.



PC: Husband


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