Game Review – Blossom Blast Saga

Cost: Free

Genre: Arcade, Logic

Platform I played on: Android (on one plus two)


  • Excellent Graphics/visuals
  • Easy game play
  • The flowers are very pleasing to the eye


  • Some of the levels can be crazy hard and frustrating
  • Can be addictive and cause you to buy stuff
  • Is kind of girly


  • Use the game as a distraction and don’t get addicted to it
  • Enjoy watching the blooming flowers
  • Always focus on getting the super bloom
  • The placement of the super bloom is also important
  • Thinking out your moves helps


Easy game play but the levels get tougher as you go on.

Is it worth your time?

Yes. (Keeping in mind that you don’t end up going crazy about it and start to purchase lives)




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