Black Coffee and Burnt Fingers

Sometimes, (only strictly sometimes) my inner society conforming wife or the wife whose purpose is only to cook and feed her husband comes to surface. It is almost as rare as using your phone for talking. It was evening and I promptly asked my husband if he wanted something to drink.  He told me he wanted black coffee and I was in the mood for some turmeric milk.

I wondered why our tastes are so different and I realized that I have been wondering about this wonder from the time we got married. A few seconds passed and now I was thinking – what makes people kill? Are aliens controlling us? Do celebrities really have the time to tweet? Will I get confused if I read two books at a time?

Somehow amidst all the thoughts I managed to pour water into a vessel and turn the stove on. I also assembled all the ingredients for my turmeric milk – soya milk, turmeric powder, vanilla essence and date paste. I poured some coffee decoction into a mug and put some sugar and tried to melt the sugar in the decoction with a spoon.

I was stirring and thinking may be if I tried two different genres I wouldn’t get confused. I put the spoon in the sink and switched off the stove and thought if monkeys think that we have failed them. Now a lot of time had passed and the water had got really hot and all I had to do was pour it into the mug and start on my turmeric milk.

I, of course did that except that I felt that my thumb and index finger in my right hand burning and my left hand was involuntarily doing the action a tong does but without the tong, trying to tell me that I had forgotten to use the tongs because I somehow forgot that once you heat water the vessel also becomes hot.

In spite of the wound, I realized the signal my left hand was trying to convey or my brain or maybe the late realizing fairy who guards people who have late realizations. I found the tongs and poured the water in to the mug. My inner channelized wife refused to give up and I carried the mug with my left hand and gave the mug to my husband who didn’t realize what happened and obviously I didn’t tell him what happened in an attempt to see if he notices and hello, who wants to miss an opportunity to get something that you can use it for a later argument. It is like finding money in your old stuff when you least expect it.  Minutes passed and he still didn’t get it, so I sat in front of him and kept looking at my burnt fingers while he enjoyed his black coffee.

Minutes later,

“How can you burn your index finger and thumb, that too in that angle?”

“Because I forgot that when you heat water, even the vessel becomes hot.”

“What? Why?”

“Because from an evolutionary standpoint, I think that the monkeys think we have failed them.”

“You burnt your fingers or your brain?”

“That’s why you noticed that something is wrong after 10 minutes and even now you don’t want to do anything about it.”

“Let me get you Burnol.”

So ladies, the money you kept somewhere will find you when you need it, so take the time to invest if you know what I mean. 😉





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