Baby and the Dog

“I am telling you, we are the same. We don’t judge, we give unconditional love, and some humans really can’t see any difference between their babies and us dogs.”

“What? That’s really hard to understand. You look completely different from me. How can we be the same?”

“Okay, let me ask you a few questions. How do you make the people around you happy?”

“Why should I make them happy? But I have noticed they get really happy when I smile or imitate their actions.”

“Same. I don’t know why my human gets all happy when I pretend to imitate his actions or smile.”

“That’s not very convincing.”

“Okay, tell me what you do when you are hungry?”

“I cry.”

“I howl”

“Ah. But still …”

“What do you do when you want to sleep?”

“I close my eyes but if I rub my eyes, my mother thinks I will sleep.”

“Same, if I sit near my human’s leg, he thinks I will sleep.I mean come on, wagging my tail- that’s involuntary. How can my human think I love him if I wag my tail?”

“See, all this is going nowhere and today I need to practice my all fours.”

“Let me tell you, humans are not like us. They like to mess up simple things. They love to create theories that prove nothing. They love to find meaningful reasons for meaningless things. They have parameters because they like putting everything and everyone in their judgement boxes. So, if I can dance, I am smart and if you can walk now you are smart. “

“That sounds really complex; I hope I don’t grow up to be a human.”

“I hope so too.” Said the dog and opened its eyes to see his human saying “That’s so clever, you put the right thing in the right box.” to his baby.


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