You will need:

125g (1 small cup) Split Bengal Gram (Kadle bele/ channa dal) Make sure it is not toor dal

125g (1 small cup) Split Black Gram (Uddina bele / urad dal) it is actually white in colour

15 – 20 dried red chillies (increase or decrease according to your taste and the heat of the chilli is different for different chillies, so be careful)

12 g Tamarind

A pinch of Asafoetida (or more depending on how strong it is)

One half of a dried coconut (Kobri) you cannot use fresh coconut for this.

A bunch of Curry Leaves (depending on how much you like curry leaves, you can add more or less)

Salt according to taste

2 teaspoons sugar/ powdered jaggery

Very little oil to fry the curry leaves

You can also add other supposed to be good for you ingredients in your chatnipudi and you won’t even know they are there like,

  • Roasted flax seeds
  • Peanuts
  • Garlic
  • Dried Coriander Leaves


Step 1 Keep a big plate ready on your counter. Make sure it is completely dry.

Step 2 In a wok, (I used non-stick) add very little oil and put in the curry leaves. It is important to get the curry leaves crisp so they can easily be powdered. The amount of curry leaves you use decides the color and taste of your chatnipudi. If you put in more, the color will be green and the curry leaves will dominate the taste. I don’t prefer it this way but I made it like that because I had a lot of curry leaves and it is supposed to be good for you.

Step 3 Once the curry leaves are crispy, transfer them to the plate and in the same wok, dry roast Split Bengal Gram and Split Black Gram separately. Roast them until they turn slightly pink and not black.

Step 4 Roast the red chillies too and turn off the stove.

IMG_20170505_103343 (1)

Step 5   If you have cut your dried coconut into small pieces put them in the same wok with the stove turned off, the heat will be enough to make them a little soft so that they grind better. If you have grated your coconut then just put it in the wok so that they get mildly toasted.


Step 6 Put your cut pieces of dried coconut into a blender and make sure it is powdered properly. Keep this aside for now.

Step 7 In the same blender add the dals and chillies and grind coarsely. Put this mixture into the coconut powder and the curry leaves. Now add salt, sugar (I used jaggery), hing and tamarind.

Step 8 Then put everything together in the blender and blend away. I did this in two batches and then mixed it well. You can put everything in if your blender can handle it. I like my chatnipudi a little coarse, you can make it fine too.

Store your chatnipudi in a glass jar and it will easily last you up to a month.


Chatnipudi goes well with almost anything. Idli, dosa, bread, chapatti, and sometimes it is good to eat it out of the jar. Although I enjoy it with hot rice/millets the most. It is kind of like pickle but it doesn’t have too much of salt or oil. I can’t handle too much of spicy pickle so I alternate between chatnipudi and pickle. The best part is once you get the basic recipe right, you can customize it to your taste and it is vegan!


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